The Cellar Shoot

Hi guys,

Wow, it feels as though I’ve been away for ages! I’ve basically been working flat out trying to get my website sorted, and unfortunately it’s proving really difficult and is taking up way too much of my time! The main template for the site is finished now, and I’m basically sorting out the final stylising. I know that a lot of effort has gone into the site, so I’m sure that when it is finally fiinished it will be well worth the wait!

Rest assured, amidst all the website shenanigans, I’ve still been mega busy with the camera and have a load of cool images to share with you, starting with this one, which is the first of two images (the second is in my long list of shots still waiting to be processed):

A nice big version can be viewed HERE

Right,  to be absolutely clear, this shot was a freaking nightmare to pull off! The shoot took place in yet another basement, so cue dark, dusty and cramped conditions, not the ideal situation for undertaking quite a complex lighting setup.

The objective of the shoot was to recreate a horror movie scene and so we came up with this idea: basically the image would take the viewer into the lair of the ‘psycho’ whilst also showing him at ‘work’! The main focal point of the image was to be the workbench and associated paraphanalia, with the actual Psycho taking a more background role, thus the reflection in the mirror.

The main problem that i had was angling the various flash to illuminate the subjects and also the work bench, without having any light reflecting in the mirror. This obviously meant no lights facing in the direction of the camera, so everything had to be angled backwards to avoid any light spill.

Here is a lighting diagram to give you some idea:

Also, having to direct and shoot part of the image backwards through the mirror also added to the headache! Anyway, all the effort was well worth it and i’m really pleased with the finished image!

Right, that’s it for this weeks post, and I really, really hope that when I make my next post I’ll also be able to share with you the new website, whoop whoop!


~ by imagespike on June 24, 2010.

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