Posessed – Model Mayhem

Hi guys,

Hells teeth, it seems ages since I have posted on the blog! The delay’s aren’t without good reason, as I’ve been busy with my first exhibition in Cheltenham which has just come to an end (had excellent feedback) and I’ve also been working on a new website. The latter has been a particular tortuous process as I’m very picky and the websites I’ve had created to date just haven’t cut it. As a result I have had to re-commission the project so I’m hoping for the site to be up and running within a couple of months – hopefully sooner!

Despite this hectic schedule, you’ll all be pleased to hear that I have been active with the camera, and have a collection of brand new images to share with you over the coming weeks and starting today!

Those of you who are familiar with my ramblings will note that since spending more time focusing on portraits, I have encountered the major problem of model shortage! Well, I seem to have found a temporary end to this drought, with the oasis that is Model Mayhem.

For those of you not familiar with ‘MM’, it’s basically an online community where models, photographers, makeup artists etc, can get together and do things creative! It really is a great resource and serves extremely well in bringing creative individuals together. The other great thing about MM is that most of the members I have encountered to date are happy to work on a Time for Prints/CD basis which really save on the financial front!

If you are interested in joining as a photographer, then it is worth noting that registration is by invite only, and subject to your photos being considered an appropriate standard. I don’t personally mind this as it does ensure a high quality of membership.

Anyway, back to today’s photo. The shot below is of a model I met via MM and who lives locally to me. Lee sure does love his horror movies and wanted to do a ‘darker’ shoot, which suited the mood I was in so I was happy to oblige!

The idea was mine, and the basement location Lee’s (I did have a friend with me on the day of the shoot, and Lee likewise. I think shooting with a chaperone is a must on shoot’s like this, in terms of safety and creating a more relaxed vibe). The basement did create  a few problems as the celing height was about 6ft, and I’m 6′ 4″ so by the end of the shoot my back was killing me! Also, just to complicate things one of my strobes failed, not good in a dark basement!

Despite the above issues, the shoot went exceptionally well, and we managed another series of shots, this time creating a scene Lee had thought up (the results will be posted in due course).

The above shot was lit by a single strobe fored through a softbox camera right. It had been my intention to have a strobe fire on low power behind the model as rim light but this failed!

As you can probably tell, the shot was processed in CS4…with lots of layers!

Until next time!


~ by imagespike on May 5, 2010.

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