Lonesome Point

Hi folks,

I hope this post finds you all fine and dandy! Well, I’ve been at this blog lark for a couple of years and it’s been intreresting watching how different photographic styles have been doing the rounds. One particular photographer who has a particular style that has garnered particular interest on ta multitude of  forums is Dave Hill.

Dave has a great illustrated look to his work, and zillions of people havebeen trying to figure out how he does it. Whilst Dave Hill can’t be credited for the look, he is certainly the person who is associated with it. To this extent it should come as no surprise that at the end of last year, Dave Hill updated his portfolio. Whilst his old high contrasty images are still there, it is refreshing to see that he appears to have refined his style, with his new work having a cinematic feel to it. A look which i personally prefer over his older stuff.

As with his old work, the look is down to careful use of off camera flash (although I suspect he uses less flash on his new work), followed by plenty of photoshop!

Anyway, as I’m in the process of compiling my first formal portfolio, I noticed that a lot of my images were pretty dark and sinister, so i thought i would add more colour and beauty to my portraits, and as i love the feel of Dave’s new work I thought I would use that as the basis for my new style.

Here is the first image to drop off the production line:

Must be viewed BIG here

It was a really hectic shoot as the weather was absolutely atrocious, however we had just enough respite from the elements for me to grab a series of shots!

The subject was lit with just one large softbox camera right and backlit with the sun. The nicely lit subject then formed the basis for extensive work in Photoshop to get that cinematic feel.

Anyway,  I really love this style, so much in fact that I’ve got another shoot planned for this week which I intend to post process in a very similar vain.

Right, that’s it from me.

Until next time!


~ by imagespike on March 8, 2010.

7 Responses to “Lonesome Point”

  1. Hi Matt, been following your blog for a while now. Love this shot – very atmospheric. I’m guessing that the subject was lit with a speedlight in something like a Lastolite Ezybox but would love to know a little more of your post production techniques. Keep up the good work. John

  2. Hi John,

    thanks for stopping by my blog! The subject was lit by a speedlight camera righ fired though a westcott Softbox. I also used a big reflecor for a bit of fill camera left. I also deliberately placed the model in fron of the sun so she was nicely backlit.

    Re: post processing, wow, I don’t know where to start as there was quite a bit! Basically standard skin correction, using dodge and burn (i try not to blur), followed up by a bit of contrast work using blending modes to boost mid tone contrast (very slightly).

    There is a slightly grainy look to the image, which was done in camera using a slightly higher iso. This wasn’t intentional, just too windy for my tripod!


  3. Thanks Matt


  4. Hi, I like your style of editing,. Would you mind in sharing your tips/know-how?


  5. Hey Matt. I had a look at that photograph, and I like it, but a girl is not well grounded. I would like to suggest that you could placed more shadow underneath her feet tho
    take care

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