Pit Pony

Hi guys!

Wow, what a hectic month. For the first time since starting this blog, my day job (Town Planner) has actually taken up more of my spare time than photography! I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’ve been lead planner on this project which is to provide 1000 new houses, 3ha of employment land, a new train station, schools and even allotments!

Needless to say the proposals have taken op quite a bit of my time!

Fortunately for me the above project is in a hiatus pending consideration with the local planning authority, which means that I can have a break and focus once more on photography, whoop whoop!

Right, I don’t know why but for some reason horses seem to be constantly appearing in my blog. This isn’t deliberate, just a result of the fact that I consider them to be great subjects.

Anyway, this is a first for the blog, a miniature pony, well to be 100% accurate a Pit Pony. For those not familiar. Pit Ponies were used as an alternative to child labour and were used down the pits to haul coal from underground to the surface. Theyy were stabled underground and only allowed too the surface during the holidays. I’d like to think that it was the cruel Victorian’s who were responsible for this animal cruelty, however the practice didn’t actually end in the UK until 1984, so i suppose that’s one thing we can thank Thatcher for.

You wouldn’t believe how small the poines are, the one below was about 1.5m in height, i’ve seen bigger dogs! Due to the small size of the ponies it was really hard t0 shoot them as I didn’t want to dwarf them. In the end I had to lie flat on my stomach and shoot which gives the kind of weird impression that the ponies are bigger than they are:

A nice big version can be viewed HERE

Right, that’s it for today, I’ve got a shoot booked for this afternoon!

until next time!


~ by imagespike on February 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Pit Pony”

  1. The last Pit Pony retired in 1999 from Pant-y-gasseg colliery. However we still have private mines owners who have kept their old ponies and when the closed in the 1990’s are on file saying. “It’s ok, to us the coal underground is like money in the Bank. When the time is right we will start again.

  2. Hi Roy,

    Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog. I’m surprised to hear that the Pit Ponies were used so recently. I’ll update my post accordingly.

    All the best

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