The Snow Ponies

Hi Folks

Firstly, I hope you all had great Christmas and New Year Celebrations!

With respect to phototography, 2009 was a fantastic year, with the highlights having my work exhibited in Londons National Theatre and also being published in Professional Photography magazine, acheivements for which I’m very proud!

My photo for this week was going to be a portrait, but due to the big freeze we’re experiencing here in  the UK and the fact that I’m snowed in at my flat, I thought I should post a chilly photo!

At the weekend I went over to the Black Mountains with the intention of climbing the small mountain Hay Bluff, which sits on the border of England and Wales. Sadly my plans were cut short somewhat by the massive amount of snow covering the Breccon Beacons. After about an hour of walking I made it to the foot of the moutain and in places the snow was knee deep so any further ascent would have been a bad idea, although I was tempted. To be honest the only reason I decided not to go up was for fear of getting my camera wet. My well being is way down the line compared to that of my camera!

After waiting for the sunset and slowly freezing, I began my long hike back to the car. It was on my return journney that I spotted these two ponies in the distance:

A big version can be viewed HERE

As I only had a 28mm prime lense with me, I had to hunker down at the side of the road, and hope that the ponies carried on walking towards me.

I’m pleased to say that they did:

A bigg version can be viewed HERE

Right, that’s it for this weeks post. Untill next time!


~ by imagespike on January 6, 2010.

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  1. Your technique is superb!

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