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Hi guys,

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post for a few weeks as I’ve been uber busy…with photography projects I’m pleased to say! Over the last year I’ve had marginal involvement with Cheltenham Camera Club, in order to learn about forthcoming competitions and to generally garner greater exposure for my work.

Whilst attending one club event I was pleasantly surprised when the editor of Professional Photographer magazine – Grant Scott, took centre stage to announce that the magazine were running a one year piece on the club. As part of the magazines coverage specific members have been interviewed about the club and photography in general, and guess what, I was the first interviewee!

Grant Scott himslef carried out the interview, and it was a great experience as it gave me a chance to quiz a real pro about the nuances of professional photography. Whilst the interview was great, the real icing on the cake materialised a few days later when Grant emailed me to ask if I’d take a few portraits of him which he wanted to include on his bio page in the magazine.

Obviously I leapt at the chance and so on the following saturday I visited his flat where after a chinwag about photography we did the shoot. It was a very simlpe shoot utilising just natural light. Fortunately Grant has a good idea of what he wanted the finished images to look like and so this reduced the pressure on me immensley! It was still a nerve racking experience as you can’t blag it when your shooting a proper pro…although I think I got away with it, I’ll let you guys decide!:


Grant was ace to shoot, and the best bit of the day was that he returned the favour by taking my portrait. I really can’t wait to see his take on me!

For those of you who are interested you can check out Grant’s work here. Incidentally, my interview will be in the January issues of Professional Photographer!

Until next time…happy snapping!


~ by imagespike on November 21, 2009.

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