Lindos – Golden Dawn

Hi guys,

As ever I’m always very conscious of the fact that I need to maintain diversity and ultimately visual stimulas within the blog so i thought that a nice colourful landscape shot would be beneficial to this aim.

I don’t know if you can remember, but I have just recently returned from a well deserved holiday to Greece. I stayed in a small picturesque resort called Pefki, which is on the island of Rhodes and very close to the historic town of Lindos.

As soon as I arrived at the apartment, I was itching to get out with the camera and so i began going through my ‘just arrived on holiday routine’ which is working out where sunset / sunrise will be, where the sea is, what other interesting photpgraphic locations are in the area, what time sunset / sunrise is, checking all my camera gear, cleaning lenses….you get the picture!

So, at four am on the first morning, whilst nursing a hangover (too much Pernod) I make my way to the taxi which I’ve booked to take me accross to the other side of the island where I will wait for the sunrise….and once there I wait. And wait. And wait. And then realise that I’m still on UK time and have arrived two hours early. And the headache continues….

There I am sat on top of this massive cliff, in total darkness waiting for the sun to rise. As bad as this sounds it was really cool, as I had some really nice ballearic house music on the mp3, and so i lay back and watched the stars…awesome!

As dawn began to break I carefully negotiated my way down to the cliff edge, which required scrambling over razor sharp volcanic rock in nothing but my converse, but after 30 minutes of grazed flesh I made it to the bottom and captured this shot:

A nice big version can be viewed HERE

In hindsight, I’m really annoyed with myself for not taking more photos which could be used as a story board, illustrating my little adventures. I’m off to Weston-super-Mare this afternoon to shoot backgrounds for an upcoming portrait session and so I’ll take more photos to capture the day in general….

Until next time!


~ by imagespike on November 1, 2009.

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