The Teddy Boy

Hi folks,

I can’t quite believe it, Sunday afternoon and I’m making a blog post…on time!

since making my last post i’ve been pretty busy editing photos, and I haven’t even started on all the shots taken on holiday, so i’mm sure they will just be added to the backlog! I’m nott complaining though, it’s always nice to have a good stock pile for the blog and portfolio.

I always winge about not having a supply of models, and to get around this I often rely on members of the public. In principle, you may think that the public offer an inexhaustible source of material, however it’s not that easy…not for me anyway.

If you’re a traditional photographer, then the above assumption would be quite accurate, however for my style of work I’m really fussy about the subject material, and so to this extent I’m constantly filtering out people, looking for those folk who will look good with my style of processing. It’s really weird in that I don’t really know what it is i look for in a person, but when know as soon as I see it.

I spotted the subject of this photo working at a Tesco supermarket. So, the next time i was at the store I approached the individual (John), showed him a few examples of my work and asked if I could come back the following day to qquickly shoot him. Fortunately for me he agreed!

Johhn was a great subject, and despite the fact that the shoot only lasted about five minutes, and was done in a car park, the photos I captured were really good. All this was made even better on the basis that John was a natural in front of the camera, he didn’t need any prompting and just did his thing…which I thought was really cool!

The image below took me about two weeks to finish off in Photoshop, I don’t quite know why it took so long, I just struggled finilising the look i was after. Now that it is finished I’m really pleased with the results.

Anyway, i let you guys make up your own minds on it:

View this image nice and big here

The above shot was processed in Photoshop CS4. As ever, if anyone has any questions on my processing then please do not hesitate to ask!

Until next week…happy snapping


~ by imagespike on October 4, 2009.

6 Responses to “The Teddy Boy”

  1. I’d be intrested to see how the image looked straight out of the canera, so I can compare the two shots. Also did you use any external lighting at all ?

    • Hi Dan,

      Unfortunately i don’t post before / after images as I don’t want the before version to detract from the final photo.

      The subject was shot using natural light supplemented with fill from a reflector. It was a nice cloudy day…mother nature always provides the best diffusers!…


  2. Hi
    Can you please tell me some more about the processing in this image? I use CS2, but maybe I can get close somewhere, because I likeyour style a lot!
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Thats a great shot, I’m envious of your courage at asking a stranger to pose for you.

  4. Hi Tibor,

    Getting back to basics, the shot was taken using a nikon 50mmm prime lense, which is an incredibly sharp piece of glass, meaning even before you open in photoshop you have a nice clear image.

    the shot was subject to extensive processing, but in bried the key steps were:

    * basic exposure corrections in camera raw
    * reduction in red channel using curves adjustment layer (the bayer processing system in digital camera systems has a tendency to over saturate reds…particularly noticeable in skin tones)
    * levels correctiion
    *colour toning
    *channel manipulation
    *sharpening (USM)

    I have no standard approach to my post processing, with every image being treated differently, depending on the original image and the intended outcome.

    All of the edits can be undertaken in CS2….have fun!

  5. Hi Martin…for some reason i have never felt it daunting to ask individuals to pose…in most cases they are more nervous than I am!

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