Android / Cyborg Relations

Hi guys,

I’m currently writing this post whilst stood in a very long que to enter an art exhibition. Details of this art exhibition will be fully disclosed in my next post. Anyway, the point is that there is a certain irony about how this post is being sent to you, as the delivery system forms the basis of this weeks post.

I am in fact using my new HTC Hero mobile phone, which utilises google’s Android operating system. I’m a massive fan of new technologies and this is often evident in the way I process my images, as I’m always testing out the latest software and techniques to achieve my style.

Anyway, I’m really impressed with my new  phone and what it can do, some of the applications are incredible and there is so, so much potential. I don’t want to harpe on too much, but check this. I have an application which, when I turn on the phones camera and look at the screen, this little application labels all the buildings, places of interest etc on the screen, in real time. It’s like terminator vision!

Anyway, the potenial is incredible and whilst thinking about this the little cogs in my brain which are responsible for dark photography ideas started turning and I came up with this:

This photo is best viewed nice and big HERE.

For those of you interested a lighting diagram for the above shot can be seen below. As you can see, the setup is pretty simple, and consisted purely of a strobe fired at 1/4 power through a shoot thr0ugh umbrella. Whenever I light a subject I try and keep the setup to a minimum, in order to give me a nice contrasty image to work with. In this case I wanted quite hard lighting so that’s why I just used a key light and no fill, as I didn’t want to open up the shadows.

Whilst the lighting setup was pretty simple, the post processing in the shot was not, and in the end took up about 75% of the entire project time. Not that I minded this of course as I had a blast putting the image together!

Anyway, that’s it for this post…until next time!


~ by imagespike on August 28, 2009.

One Response to “Android / Cyborg Relations”

  1. Think you are spending too much time in darkened rooms mate, all these posts are getting a bit scary.

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