The Great Esc-ape

Hi folks.

Ridiculously late again with this weeks post, but the delay is for all the right reasons! I’ve been really busy trying to promote my abilities and profile as a budding photographer!

One promotional avenue has been to enter my work into The Midland Regional Photographic Competition, and I’m very pleased to say that this photo won best contemporary image. I’m also very pleased to say that I’ll receive a nice swanky trophy! Once the engravers have finished I’ll post a photo for you!

The second promotional avenue is I’m afraid to say TOP SECRET but if I can pull it off will help get imagespike on the map! Unfortunately, I don’t expect to get results immediately but when I do I’l let you all know…rest assured, this will be very cool if it comes off!

Anyway, lets get back to this weeks image! My last image was taken whilst on holiday in Dorset. Whenever I go on holiday, or anywhere in fact, I’m always thinking about what I can get out of a place with my camera. My photography agenda for the Dorset trip was to bag a few nice coastal shots…which i did.

It was however completely unexpected to grab this shot of an Orangutan, not part of the plan! The shot was taken at a place called…you guessed it, Monkey World! I love animals and soo the chance to sea a few monkey’s was a big yes..especially as I was packing my gorgeous Nikon 200mm!

For some reason I always feel guilty shooting caged annimals, they just look so pi$$ed off sat their, chewing on cardboard whilst idiots like me shove a long lense in their face. For this reason I didn’t shoot half as much as I thought I would, but when i spotted this sad looking fellow I had to.

Ironically enough the apes at the centre are actually ones that have been rescued from animal testing centres. Whilst it’s great that they are now being looked after, it’s just a shame that they are now so messed up they can’t be released back into the wild….

Right, that’s about it for this week!!

Until next time!


~ by imagespike on June 25, 2009.

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