Prehistoric Coast – Durdle Door

Hi guys,

I hope this weeks post finds you all well! I know I’m a bit late with this one, but I’ve just got back from my holidays, where I’ve been visiting the Dorset coast.

Being a northern lad, I’ve never really had much opportunity to visit the south coast, so a trip to Dorset was a rare treat! The Dorset coast has always interested me, ever since reading about its formation in the Jurassic period (reading undertaken during my Geography / History degree studies).

It really is a spectacular location, and if like me you libve in a location relatively land locked, the opportunity to shoot spectacular coastlines is a real must.

The shot below is taken at the famous Durdle Door limestone arch (read about it here). This shot is taken from behind the arch, which is the rock formation extending from bootom left.

There were a few people higher up the rock formation than I was, poncing about with their point and shoot cameras. I have nothing against people who use point and shoots, but it always makes me laugh when they start using the built in flash…come on, think about it, is that tiny little flash really going to light up 1 mile of coastline!?

Fortunately I managed to find a discreet little ledge out of their way (it was slightly precarious) where I set up the camera and started shooting. The other thing that makes me chuckle is when photographers shooting a sunset always pack up when the sun has set. Top tip: Always hand around for half an hour after sunset, as sometimes that’s when you get the most spectacular colours!

(Spot the little man on the beach!)

All in all it was a really great little holiday and I managed to capture some really great images so stay tuned as they’ll be sprinkled in the blog during the coming weeks.

Happy snapping!


~ by imagespike on June 8, 2009.

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