The Gritty Real World

Hi folks,

I hope this post finds you all groovy! First things first, I supppose you’re all dying to know whether I landed the Travel Photographer job?…well it’s good news and bad news. Of the photographers trialed, it was my work that was selected as being the best…yay! However, as a result of the recession, the project has been put on hold for a six month period…boo!

I must admit, I’m realy pleased that my work was picked over that of the other photographers, in particular when considering they were professional photographers employed by large travel photography companies. Whilst ImageSpike might be able to take on the big boys, it sadly can’t take on the recession! I’ve been assured that when the market picks up i’ll have the job…we’ll wait and see!

Anyway, as a stark contrast to the photos in my last post, this weeks post are a little grittier in nature. I often find myself out and about in various cities in the UK, either shooting architecture or the people on the street. When shooting the latter, it’s only a matter of time before you happen upon members of society who are struggling with modern life…those who live on the street.

I’ve often photographed these individuals, and have always done it in a personal way, i.e. talking to the person, finding a little bit out about them and then asking their permission to photograph them. Nothing irritates me more then when you see folk with long lenses, and shooting at distance. More often than not it is claimed by these photographers that the reason to distance themselves from the subject is so that they can acheive a candid shot.

I personally believe that such an excuse is pretty poor, and more likely a result of photographers wanting to distance themselves from something they consider to be beneath them. It’s a real shame that these individuals take this line, as whenever I shoot somebody in these circumstances, I always like to stop and have a quick chat. It’s really interesting listening to what these people have to say, and at the end of the end I think they really appreciate people recognising their existence.

Below is a triptych of a chap who I met in Birmingham.

Best viewed big on black HERE

Righto, that’s enough from me for this week!

Happy snapping!


~ by imagespike on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Gritty Real World”

  1. Hi,
    I really love your photograph. I found this site accidentally, and I Thank God for it :-).
    May I ask you some question?
    What kind of gears did you use? How many lights did you use?
    Can you share the digital processing technique like you did in this blog photo?.

    Thanks, and sorry for my bad english…
    Berau, Indonesia
    (i’m still a newbie on photography)

  2. Hi Berau,

    The shot was takemn using a Nikon D300, and from recollection a Nikon 50mm prime lens. I always try and shoot using prime lenses as the fixed focal length results in very sharp images.

    I didn’t use any flash,the shot was lit using natural light and reflectors.

    In terms of post processing, I basically used dodge and burn, along with selective sharpening to make the image pop. I also manipulated various blending modes, exactly how I can’t quite remember.

    By the way, your english is very good!

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