The Eyes Have It

Hi folks,


Yes, it would seem as though I have once again slipped with my posting responsibilities, but as ever, I have a really, really good excuse for the delay!


I’m currently locked in a tender war over a photography job for a large European package holiday company. The position is as the company’s travel photographer, with the actual role being the provision of brochure material for the company’s various resorts.


As I’m, sure you can imagine, sorting out pricing and my timetable have been really difficult, and not to mention stress inducing, but I’m almost there now. I’ve been shortlisted with one other photographer for the job and on this basis am being sent to Portugal this weekend as an opportunity to demonstrate my photography skills. If my photos are better than my competitors then I’ve got the job….fingers crossed!


Anyway, I haven’t got the job yet so keeping my feet firmly rooted in the real world it’s time for this week’s shot.


It’s strange how photography has made me re-evaluate the world around me. I often find myself looking at the smallest details in the world and assessing whether they would look good as a photo. No matter where I am, trundling down the motorway or just sat day dreaming, my mind always ends up drifting towards photography and different concepts and ideas.


The photo below is of my friend’s wife, Pip. I’ve always thought that Pip would make a great subject on the basis that she has stunning eyes which are a striking blue colour. So, while I was visiting, and after getting permission from her husband Dean, I was given the green light to grab some shots of his missus!




The above shot is best viewed big on black HERE

In terms of lighting the shot was lit using natural light, outside on a cloudy day. The shooting conditions were great as the cloud cover acted as a huge diffuser! Aside from the standard RAW conversion works, the final image was subject to quite intricate and delicate editing using a combination of blending modes and colour toning processes.


I was trying to achieve a subtle glow to the image, and whilst the editing was largely non-intrusive, I think the results have worked really well!


Anyway, that’s it for this week, all being well next time I post it maybe as travel photographer!!


~ by imagespike on March 30, 2009.

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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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