The Lonely Bah


Once again, I’ve been absolutely swamped with photos, thus the late post.

It sometimes seems as though photography has completely taken over my life, it’s quite crazy really, a point which can be proven by the number of photos waiting to be processed on my disk drive…approximately 500gb worth. It really is frightening, because in addition to the need to work through all these images, I also have a day job. Despite the day job I’ve made a pact with myself that whatever time is needed to create my images I’ll do my best to make sure it’s provided. As a result it’s become quite normal for me to be up working on shots late at night, with 2am finshes being common place…followed by a 6:30am alarm call….yeehhaa!

This might seem like a bit of a whinge, but i can assure you it’s not, as I’m absolutely loving my photography more than ever! I’ve just got to accept the fact that I am completely addicted. One little thing that has come out of this is I’ve discovered that I seem to create all my best work at night, which is quite interesting. This is a well docmented fact that for some individuals brain activity becomes more focused in the evening. I don’t pretend to have any scientifc understanding of this, but I put it down to the fact that because my brain is tired, it doesn’t have the energy to drift, instead remaining focuesd on the task in hand…processing the image. The other thing that I have discovered is that I much prefer editing my photos in complete darkness. The reason for this is that the lack of external light doesn’t disrupt the tonal values of the colours on the monitor.

I thing I’m becoming a vampire!

Anyway, enough of my nocturnal activities, and back to todays image. The photo below is one from my backlog, and is a shot taken from at the top of Highraise Mountain in the Lake District, taken about a year ago. It was quite a spooky shoot as I set of hiking quite late in the day, as I wanted to avoid all the backpackers on the fells. I’m quite selfish in that respect, I like being alone with my camera, and nothing irritates me more than seeing gaggles of people pottering about. Plus it makes for more Clone Tool action which can be a real chore!

Anyway, as it was quite late in the day (about 5pm) when I reached the summit I was completely alone on the top, apart from this one sheep. So, after eating my banana, I started shooting this little fella. Once he’d had enough and skipped off, I was left alone with my thoughts, and this killer storm brooding in the distance. After watching the clouds form for a good twenty minutes, my thoughts started to drift back to my required descent and the fact that the sun was due to set:

As a treat you can view a bigger version of the photo HERE

Right, I’ve got a stack of photos that won’t process themselves so I need to get busy!

Until next week (fingers crossed!)

Happy snapping!


~ by imagespike on March 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Lonely Bah”

  1. I came to your blog via your recent Outdoor eyes forum post. First let me say, great shot! I too would have been a bit concerned about the descent given those clouds and the late time of day. Looks like the sheep may have been wondering about the weather too! The clouds really have that ominous feel to them.

    On another note, I would suggest that rather than your mind being too tired late at night to drift off (as the mind is more prone to drift when we have less energy), you a likely energized enough by photography that you can absorb yourself completely in it. Its a common phenomena that is called many things such as mindfulness, flow experience, etc. Photography is a creative outlet for me too and I find I can lose myself in it quite often. Which is good, because I also have thousands of photos to process. In fact I just found some cool ones today that I forgot I even had.

    This is a very long comment, so in summary, very cool shot, I hear ya on the ‘have lots of images to process’ thing, doing the process work with little to no external lighting, and it seems like you’ve got a great process going. Thank you for sharing the photos!

    • Hi Eric,
      Many thanks for stopping by my blog, and taking the time to comment!

      With regard late night editing, your explanation certainly makes more sense that my hypothesis, and one thing for sure, I am hopelessly obsessed with my work so that could just about explain things! I certainly intend to research a little more on this matter, and will have a read about Flow Experience.

      Many thanks for the interesting thoughts!

  2. WOW! What a neat photo!!

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  3. And yes, wanted to inform you that the bigger version of the photo is not opening up. You may need to check it.

    Bedse Caves

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