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Hi guys,

Again, i seem to have once again slipped behind my posting schedule, I can assure that this is not a result of me being lazy, just that I have loads of photo related stuff going on…as ever!

I think I mentioned in my last post that I have another location shoot planned with a friend. The shoot is planned for the 21st of February, and so I’ve been very busy getting props sourced, scouting out locations and briefing the models on the idea behind the shot and what I expect them to do. Whilst I’ve given them a brief on the general theme for the shoot, I haven’t provided them with the specifics, the nitty gritty will be remaining in my head and will be a nice surprise for them on the day! Either way, I’m really looking forward for the shoot and if the finished result is anything like what I’m visualising, then it should make for a cracking series of images…fingers crossed!

Anyway, back to this week’s post. As my photography skills have developed (hopefully for the better but I’ll let you decide) I’ve found myself being requested to do various shoots either of family friends or weddings and the like. Fortunately for me photography isn’t yet my main source of income, and so I can be quite selective in what /who I decide to shoot, which is the way I like things.

On this basis I have tended to shy away from these more traditional areas of photography. However, in my never ending pursuit of models, I realised that I had been completely overlooking my own family, in particular my older brother!

I wanted to get a really good portrait of my brother, and at the time wasn’t really sure of the look that I wanted, so after taking a few shots of him with different expressions, I opted for the serious look!

Besst viewed big on black HERE 

Jason was lit using a flash (camera right) fired through a white umbrella. The left hand side of my brothers face was lit using a window light. Again, in terms of post processing, a considerable amount of work was carried in Photoshop, in particular I tried a new technique I’ve been working on that makes more use of Screen and Softlight blending modes. The results of which gave the finished shot a glow effect to the skin which I’m really pleased with!

As ever, if anyone has any queries on any of my work then please just drop me a comment and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

Happy snapping!


~ by imagespike on February 5, 2009.

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