The Haunting

Hi people!

I hope this weeks post finds you all well!

Right, straight down to business, in my last post I mentioned that I was having my work assessed to see if it was of a high enough standard to warrant accredition with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain PGAB. The format of the event was as follows, I had to submit ten photos, each of which would be judged by a panel of six judges, who would mark each photo out of a possible 5. For my work to be considered good enough I needed to score a total of at least 200.

I’m very pleased to say that I totaled 211, which means if i continue to maintain my current standards, I would  attain accreditation should I decide to make a submission. However, the only snag is that to qualify for a PAGB submission, I have to have been a member of a recognised photography club for at least 2 years! In all fairness I would have probably scored higher however one of my images wasn’t mounted correctly and so was heavilly pannned by the judges…they are very picky!

All in all the night was a total success for me, which two of my shots coming second out of all those that were submitted by other candidates, which was brilliant! It was paricularly satisfying that aside from producing “pretty pictures” my work has also been credited for it technical standard, which I’m very proud of, especially when I’m totally self taught.

Anyway moving on! I recently did a photoshoot in an abandoned military bunker that I’ve discovered, and proved to be an amzing photography location. The majority of the site is closed off to the public, however, certain parts of the base are still accessible.

It was really funny, as the model was my friend Laura, who had no real idea as to what the format of the shoot was going to be, so i think she was a little startled when she so how dark and dingy the rooms were (one was so black that my flash had difficult lighting the room!). However, after a nervous start Laura soon got into the swing of things and proved to be a true professional!

My favourite two shots from the day are below, and to be prefectly honest i think are my best pieces of work to date. In fact, the top shot was one of the favourites at the PAGB event, and has been selected for an exhibition which is ace!

Best viewed big on black HERE

Best viewed big on black HERE

As I’m sure you have all come to expect, the above shots were subject to extensive treatment in Photoshop, which was a major part of the required workflow.  When processing the shot my objective was an Andrzej Dragan style look, however, the result is something quite different, which I’m really pleased about as I feel as though I’m now starting to develop my own style which is particularly encouraging!

I have another shoot planned hopefully later in the month which i’m really excited about so keep your eyes peeled for more spooky portrait work on the blog!

On a final note, I’d like to thank Laura, Dan and Sam for getting involved with the above shoot, and in particular Laura as it was freezing that day!

Untill next time!


~ by imagespike on January 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Haunting”

  1. Congratulations on your PGAB showing! I really enjoyed these photos! So much so that I made a mental note to keep my eyes open for an opportunity to take a “spooky portrait” of my own!
    Well done!

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  3. I just looked through your images on Flickr and this was my fav, then I was pleased to read that the judges liked it too. Nice shot.

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