Another Scary Post…..

Hi guys,

I hope this weeks post finds you all well! For the most part, the majority of my portrait work makes use of natural light. The reason for this is simple, I don’t often use models, instead shooting people in  the street, which makes the use of flash or controlled light pretty difficult.

This shortage of models has always frustrated me, aside from the fact I love shooting portraits, I’ve also invested quite heavilly in flash equipment, which simply isn’t getting the use it deserves.  Don’t get me wrong, natural light can set the scene for some stunning images, but from experience I have always struggled getting depth from the light. More often than not the result of this is what I consider to be quite flat images, lacking shadow detail. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve spent hours in Photoshop trying to add convincing shadow detail to a face, but trust me it isn’t easy!

When it comes to manipulation of light, although Photoshop is an incredible piece of software, it can’t do everything, and so it’s always better to try and get things right in camera in the first place. It was with this in mind, that I was determined that my next shoot would utilise my strobes in order to bring some real depth to a shot.

The shot below was lit using two strobes, one fired through a softbox to the left hand side of the models face, and the second was fitted with a grid and fired over the models shoulder illuminating the items of the table.

Whilst I’ll be the first to admit that the finished shot was subject to quite a bit of post processing, I had managed to get the basic lighting right in camera. As a result the post processing was a much more flexible process, and one that wasn’t constrained by bad lighting.

I’m really pleased with the finished shot and I know that if Ihadn’t lit the subject properly in the first place, then the finished result would have been totally different….probably for the worse!

So kids remember, learn the basics and get things right in camera!

Best Viewed big on black HERE

Anyway, that’s enough of a ramble from me!

Until next time!


~ by imagespike on November 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Another Scary Post…..”

  1. Wow… an excellent shot… cool in every way! 🙂

  2. Really great. Looks very sinister!

  3. Hi guys,

    Many thanks for taking the time to comment, I’m pleased you like my work!



  4. Great job ! 😉
    how did you do to have this effect ?

    see you soon 😉

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