Hello People!


Well, I made it back in one piece from my recent trip to Ibiza, just about! For those of you who haven’t been to Ibiza then I strongly suggest grabbing a flight over, it really is an incredibly beautiful island, with some beautiful beaches and fantastic scenery. It also got a few good night clubs if you haven’t heard…what more do you want?!


As far as clubbing goes, I didn’t actually bother, to be quite honest I really needed a holiday, and trust me, If I’d have gone clubbing then I’d of needed another week’s holiday just to recover. Instead all my late nights/early mornings were spent catching sunrises etc! I think by the end of the holiday I’d burned through about 10 gigs of images, all of which are sat on my hard drive waiting to be processed.


I did get some amazing shots, and quite diverse too, ranging from trees, beaches, sea, motorbikes and even ladders!? As I’m sure you’ve come to expect, all these shots will be slowly working their way into the blog during the coming weeks.


Right, back to this week’s post! I’d been wanting to do another self portrait for quite a while now, partly because I’ve been pestered by friends to improve my facebook profile picture, which they all thought was a tad on the dark side (Here). As i’ve never been the type of person who liked being told what to do, I thought I would smite all my friends and duly replace my photo…albeit with something a little darker!


There are a quite a few photographers out there who have deliberately aged photographs, utilising there own specific techniques. Probably one of the most famous of these individuals is Andzrej Dragan, who did a rather stellar job of aging Bruce Lee, Maralyn Monroe and even Hitler, to great affect and accolaide. If you haven’t seen the work of Andzrej, I suggest you check it out here, as it’s some of the best portrait work I’ve ever come accross.


As you would excpect, aside from incredible imagery, and a fantastic use of light, the rest of Andzrej look is acheived with good old photoshop! And as you would expect, Andzrej keep his photoshop a closely guarded secret, as with Dave Hill, a quick search of Google will leave you with hundred of hits, all leading to questions like, “I’ve seen these photos, they’re are amazing….a gy called Dragan…any ideas how he does it?”


It always makes me chuckle reading the various threads in various forums on various techniques to acheive the look, and the results can be truly ghastly! I’m quite sure that there is no single way to acheive a specific look, with any photographer worth his salt processing each shot differently, depending on the shooting conditions and what the desired outcome is.


Anyway, I thought I would have a play myself and the results are below:





Best viewed big on black HERE


Allegedly some people after looking at Dragan’s photography have gone on to have nightmares.






~ by imagespike on October 13, 2008.

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  1. […] shot below is the results of a post processing technique that I first developed some time ago here on a self portrait. Well, I’ve just utilised this technique on the shot below, and as you can […]

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