Imagespike Published…Again!


Hi People!


I hope you’re all well! Great news, Imagespike has once again made the press! Before setting off on my daily commute, I decided to browse some of the magazine in the train station shop.


Whilst browsing I spotted a familiar looking picture on the front cover of Cotswold life magazine. Upon closer inspection I realised that it was one of mine! I had absolutely no idea that they were intending to use the shot so it came as an unexpected surprise!


After contacting the magazine they explained that they had to tried to contact me to ask permission, but had been unable to contact me, largely due to the dislocation resulting from last year’s flooding in Tewkesbury. I’ve now provided them with a collection of images taken from around the Cotswolds area, so fingers crossed more of my images will make it onto the front cover, especially as I get paid for each shot!


That’s not the end of the good news, last week the magazines asked me to contact a local farmer, who claimed that the photo taken on his land. Initially I thought I was going to get a lecture on trespassing, however, it transpired that he simply wanted to purchase prints! Woohooo!


Anyway, below is the photo, and the magazine version.







I’m on holiday next Saturday for a week, so for obvious reasons the blog won’t be updated. However, on my return expect a few Balearic type shots drifting into the blog.


Also, for all you Dave Hill fans out there, I’m planning on doing a hyperreal shoot on my return, and get this, it’s going to be Starwars themed! Oh yeah!


Catch up with you folks in a fortnight!


~ by imagespike on September 23, 2008.

One Response to “Imagespike Published…Again!”

  1. I am surprised you are so happy to see your image used on the front cover of a magazine without your permission.

    Just think, if you had not seen it, they would have got away with that blatant flagery scott free.

    Must be nice to have somebody interested though.

    Good work

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