Beware of the Sheep!

Hi guys,

Unfortunately I’ve had a pretty rubbish couple of weeks. Firstly, my PC went down with a virus, which took some shifting and consequently meant I couldn’t access my photos and thus make a post. Then, to top things off, the virus somehow adopted a biological as opposed to digital state and infected me. So for this last week I’ve been holed up in my bedroom…sweating a lot ( I haven’t really been infected by a computer virus, just a touch of man flu!)

Anyway, I’m on the mend now and have therefore resumed the helm at Imagespike!

About three weeks ago I went on a little break up in the Lake District, and have been busy processing all the great shots I took during the weekend.

For some reason I seem to have been getting pretty lucky with the weather as the skies were nice and stormy for most of my stay, just as I like it (I always think flat blue skies are dull!). The shot below was taken at the entrance to the Langdale Valley, which is an absolutely beautiful part of ther lakes. The mountains in the very distance are called Crinkle Crags, and they make a fantastic backdrop to the valley!

Whilst the shot below provides an impressive glimpse into the valley, and was well worthy of a photo, actually capturing the shot was an absolute nightmare! The sheep sign is a dead giveaway of the fact that the shot was taken directly adjacent to a road, a road which maintains a meandering route through the floor of the valley.

When preparing the shot, I thought that I would go for a HDR of the scene, in an effort to bring out all the details of the ferns and clouds. This meant having to stand in the middle of the aforementioned road, fire off about 6 exposures, 2 of whic were longer than 15 seconds…and…dodge the cars that were rallying along the road. Unfortunately my shooting location was right on a bend so I couldn’t see the cars coming, however, there was a cattle grid just around the corner so when the cars went over the grid, this gave me an audio cue to jump out of the way!

It was like stunt man photography!

Ironically enough, when I started processing the shot afterwards, I decided not to bother with the HDR treatment. Whilst I’m a big fan of HDR, sometimes the results can appear a tad too outlandish, to a detriment to the finished photo. Instead, I’ve been working on a new photoshop technique that still acheives that Hypereal look, without the “over cooked” look that can result from tonemapping.

So far I’m really pleased with results…I just cant wait to try it on portraits…coming soon!!

Until next week!


~ by imagespike on August 31, 2008.

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