The Horse Whisperer

Hey people!

Whilst I did say that I would be updating the blog every Sunday, and yes, today is Wednesday, the reason for the delay in posting is due to me spending the weekend in the Lake District, where I was on another hiking/photography weekend.

Allegedly, the forces that shaped the landscape of the Lake District resonate from glacial movements dating to the last ice age, which through the incredible pressures associated with Geo-morphological movements of this nature, shaped the incredible peaks and valleys along with the multitude of lakes that give the Lake District its name.

I disagree.

I personally believe that the landscape is shaped by nothing more than rain, and lots of it! Oh boy was the weather bad this weekend, rain, wind, lightning, rain and more rain. Did I say rain? The weather was terrible, and I was grinning from ear to ear…my favourite photography conditions!

I burned through quite a few gigs worth of memory cards during the weekend and as of yet had not had an opportunity to begin processing the shots, but fingers crossed there are a few crackers so all being well they will filter into the blog in the forthcoming weeks!

This week’s is another photo from my recent trip to Snowdonia in North Wales, which incidentally was another very wet weekend 😉 (I think rain clouds are following me around at the moment…which is great!).

The horse in the photo below was one of a number that were in the valley that afternoon and they were all incredible friendly, due the somewhat remote location of the valley I have a sneaky feeling that the horses don’t get the attention they would like, and they certainly couldn’t get enough of me and the camera, as the photo below clearly shows!

(Not a sugar lump in sight!)

And here is a close up of one of the friendly beasts!

I’ve never really been attracted to wildlife photography, but after this shoot I was really hooked, so now that I now have my 80mm-200mm expect to see a few more animal shots leaking into the blog!

Until Sunday!


~ by imagespike on August 13, 2008.

7 Responses to “The Horse Whisperer”

  1. That second shot is just fantastic, the horse looks beautiful.

    The colors are very vivid and the composition is nice.

  2. Hi juha, I’m pleased you like the shot!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    Kind regards,


  3. Love the shot of the horse on the bottom of the article, nice colours. I am stuck in Canada at the moment and am missing the rain.

  4. Love the close upshot of the horse has really nice impact

  5. Congratulations to Matt, who upon 2nd appearance at local camera club, impressed many photographers with this print. I have to say the processing was impeccable. Keep it up Matt

  6. Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated!

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