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Hey Hey Hey!

Wow, have I been busy! I didn’t manage to post last week as at the weekend it was my brothers wedding, and I’ve had best man duties. As a result much of my time has been taken up undertaking said duties, with these in the main consisting of the writing of the best man speech, which I hasten to add was a very nervous, fraught and ultimately intimidating process to have to go through!

Fortunately my speech went down a treat and more importantly the wedding went without a hitch (so to speak) and it really was a fantastic day!…..Congrats Maddy and Jason!

Right, back to the photography! This last couple of weeks I’ve been investing quite a bit of cash into my camera, after recently buying a new SB800 flash (need more lights!!), an absolutely gorgeous Nikon 50mm prime (very fast lense) and also a stunning Nikon 80-200mm telephoto (whilst telephoto this is an awesome piece of glass!)….as you may gather from the descriptions, I luurve my camera gear!

Whilst I’ve been having to persuade friends and family to model for me for my flash work, it isn’t easy convincing folk to pose for me! I’ve mentioned before that candid street photography offers an almost infinite supply of photo material and thus the reason for the new lenses.

The 50mm is an incredibly fast lens, stopping down really low (1.2 I think), which means you can shoot in difficult lighting conditions, and also have great control over depth of field. With regards, the 80-200mm, for those truly candid shots (or those of unapproachable people), you can keep a nice distance away whilst still maintasining pin sharp images…which is what it’s all about!

Sadly my 80-200mm hasn’t arrived yet, but with my 50mm in hand i was desperate to get out shooting and so last week I hit the streets of Bristol! Due to the fixed 50mm focal length of the lens (50mm on a cropped sensor is virtually the same as what the human eye can see) you have to get close and personal with the subject. This inevitably means some form of discourse with the individual involved.

I must admit that at first, it seems kind of strange walking up to a stranger and asking if you can take their photo, and it takes a little bit of courage! However, after a few attempts I soon slipped into the zone and ended up having a good chin wag with most of the people who posed for me. I think the key with this approach is to always remember your personal safety, and apply a good degree of common sense. So long as you’re “spatially aware” of a situation then you should be fine. I intend to have a few business cards put together which I can give to people after I have shot them, not with the intention of making a sale, more just to reafirm my validity.

Anyway, back to today’s photo! This was the first person I shot that evening, and because I was still getting to grips with my conversation breaker I totally forgot to get the guys name…doh! Anyway, he had a very nostalgic look about him whilst he was staring out accross the river so I christened him the watcher.

If you don’t already, make sure you view the image big on black….it looks way better!

View this image big on black HERE

I’ve also made the decision to update the blog every Sunday, as it’s been difficult trying to write things mid week whilst on my lunch hour!

Until next week!


~ by imagespike on August 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Watcher”

  1. Hey Matt hope you had a good b’day mate, give us a bell or drop us a mail when you get a mo.

    In a bit

  2. hi matt , just come across your site whilst researching post processing techniques . I,m really blown away by your images , especially ‘ the watcher ‘ and ‘ pimp my dad ‘ ! whilst ive got a couple of ‘ ok ish ‘ results from playing around with the draganizer action , im a million miles away from creating images similar to the likes of yourself and joey l ! id like to eventually develop my own style , but being new to the photoshop game would be really grateful if you could post me the photoshop steps used to create such striking photos . Also noted that you shoot in bristol , just up the road ! ever considered doing 1 to 1 tutorials for a fee ? Look forward to hearing from you ! cheers Alie

  3. Hi Alie,

    Thanks for the comment, Check your hotmail account, I sent you an email response!

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