Snowdon Pony

Hey hey hey!

Unlike most weeks this last week has gone by at a slightly slower pace as I’ve been spending time working on my own projects and not commercial ones which has been quite a refreshing change!

At the weekend I traveled to Snowdonia in North Wales to do a spot of climbing. I normally say climbing as it implies a little more machismo and invites heroic thoughts of me, hanging by my fingertips on some rocky ledge, or battling in the ‘Death Zone’ with gale force winds. Sadly, in the stark cold of reality, for me, climbing can more accurately be expressed as rambling, which admittedly lacks the impressiveness of climbing!

Anyway, I did entertain quite a long ramble, which totaled about 15km in length, and reached a giddy height of 915m when I reached the summit of the mountain Tryfn. As would be expected, I lugged all my camera gear with me, and outset of the walk was extremely satisfied to the see that it was raining hard and the sky was dark and gloomy…in my eyes perfect photography conditions.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, the weather was too bad, and due to the horizontal rain, I was limited in what I could capture. I did manage to fire of a few shots at altitude, although I haven’t had a real chance to look at them so they may or may not make into the blog!

Fortunately, all was not lost as when hiking back across the valley floor, I encountered a number of very friendly ponies. I immediately got out the camera and started shooting. This was not as easy as it sounds as there were about 8 ponies in total, all of which at various points started trying to eat items of my clothing!

The combination of very friendly ponies and dramatic weather conditions made for an amazing shoot! I just wish all my subjects could be as much fun to work with!

Snowdonian Pony

I have a couple more shots of the ponies that I’m working on and these will creep into the blog over the next month!

Anyway, until next week!


~ by imagespike on July 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Snowdon Pony”

  1. This is really amazing pic, initially i thought it is a work done by some photoshoper.

  2. Andrew,

    Many thanks for taking the time to stop by and comments. I’m pleased you like the shot!

    Kind regards,


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