St Mark’s Bassilica

Hi people,

Well, another week has passed and as always my time has been largely taken up with photography. For those of you who are interested, my time has been largely spent retouching a set of wedding photos.

Whilst I’m quite sure the original photographer was capable of turning on a camera (I think) that was about as far as his photography capabilities extended, with many of the shots being both poorly composed and exposed. Fortunately most of the shots are salvageable, and whilst only being Jpegs, have turned out looking good. If I can get permission from the bride and groom concerned, I make post some before and after shots on a dedicated ‘Re-touch’ page on the blog.

Anyway, moving swiftly on I thought I would drop into the blog a nice architectural photo from my recent trip to Venice. I think I mentioned earlier that a few church shots would be creeping into the blog and here is one of them.

The shot below is taken from inside St Mark’s Basilica. For some reason which is completely beyond me, the powers that be in many of the churches I visited would not allow any type of photography in the inside of churches.

Now I understand fully this attitude when it comes to those idiots with point and shoot cameras, trying to illuminate an entire cathedral with some naff in built flash, as at the end of the day the building is a place of worship and nobody wants to be at peace with god whilst the strobe lights are going off. But what about those folk who don’t use flash? I did try it on, whipping out my tripod whilst hiding behind a curtain. Unfortunately I was quickly busted by the security though, much to the dismay of the missus!

Well, that’s enough of a whinge from me, I’m sure that they have a genuine reason for banning all cameras…maybe the almighty is camera shy??

Regardless, I still managed to grab a quick hand held shot, which I think came out rather well.

St Mark\

….maybe I need to invest in a dog collar and go undercover next time !!??….


~ by imagespike on July 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “St Mark’s Bassilica”

  1. That shot came out better than “rather well.” The perspective, color, and depth truly reveal the magnificence of the place. Thanks.

  2. One can only look in wonder at the art work.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment on my work…much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


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