Pimp my Dad

Hi folks,

Well, I’m very pleased to say that I now finally have my internet up and running which means I have no excuses for not posting regularly!

I think I mentioned last week that I was planning on doing a shoot where I would try and recreate the Dave Hill look, and to be quite honest I’m really chuffed to bits with the results!

No matter which photography forum you look at you’ll know doubt find a thread somewhere which tries to dissect Dave’s post processing technique, and inevitably these threads are ridiculously long, with only one or two folk getting anywhere near with their technique.

Sadly, most folk are looking for a one click method of achieving the Dave Hill look, which kind of typifies the way society is at the moment, with everybody expecting everything now! Unfortunately the Dave Hill look is not something that can be achieved quickly.

With regards the shot below, from the point at which I got my camera out of the bag and started shooting through to when i finally uploaded the finished image to flickr, has taken around 8 hours. That may seem like a long time, but admittedly it’s the first time I have gone the whole hog with a concept photo like the one below, which included, the shoot, the post processing, the background shoot, more post processing, blending shadows, complex selections….the job lot! I have to admit I’ve loved every minute of it though!

Anyway, as ever, back to the shot below! This was taken whilst home for fathers day. With it being fathers day, i thought I would do something nice for my dad, that is dress him like a pimp, parade him around the street and then start taking pictures of him. You can imagine the scene when the neighbours started curtain twitching, attracted by the glare of the off camera strobes…ha ha ha amazing!

It really was a great little shoot and I have to thank my dad for being such a good sport…Thanks Dad! 😉

Pimp Daddy

Best viewed big on black HERE

I was going to post a before shot so you could see my flash setup but I’ve forgotten to convert the RAW file to Jpeg. If anyone has any questions on this shot then feel free to ask away by either leaving a comment or emailing me…

Anyways, until next week!


~ by imagespike on June 25, 2008.

4 Responses to “Pimp my Dad”

  1. nice one Matt, is that out the back of Megabowl, or did you add the pins yerself?

  2. Hi Dean,

    The shot of my dad was taken at home on the drive…the background is the bowling alley in Cheltenham…

  3. nice result, any chance of hearing the details of the post work?

  4. Love your shots and your processing look. You are very talented. I have to say, looking through all your shots on here, you have transitioned very well from landscape to people! Your work is remarkable. I do respect your creative privacy, but if you have any tips for a newbie like myself in creating the cartoonish look to people or scenes in general I would be all ears 🙂 Not sure if you can see my email contact or not, but if your up for pointing someone in the right direction drop me a line sometime pretty please ! Keep up the awesome work!

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