Venetian Labyrinthe

Hi guys,

Unfortunately I still haven’t had my internet problems sorted yet…big sigh…so that’s why I haven’t been able to upload as regularly as I would like but I’m hoping this will be fixed soon!

Anyway, I have been very busy on the photo front, with a number of finished images waiting to be uploaded to the blog, including one very cool shot in the style of Dave Hill which will be posted next week so stay tuned!

Right, back to this weeks shot, as you should all know I’ve recently been on holiday to Venice for a short weekend break and for most people the weather was terrible (it rained a lot) but for me it was perfect for capturing those crazy cloud shots.

On the last day we were supposed to go on a gondola trip but due to the adverse weather conditions the Gondoliers weren’t up for it…que my big grin at saving 80 Euros…money I’m sure you’ll all agree is better spent on camera gear! So, draped in a poncho I set of instead looking to get a few snaps.

It was really cool wondering around the city, for those of you who have never been the only way to describe the place is as a maze, it’s just impossible not to get lost, which I think is part of the charm of the place. I wanted sonehow to try and capture the sense of confusion that the city can cause but to be honest I was finding it difficult to portay.

Then I remembered St Mark’s Campanile, which is a bell tower standing at the corner of St Marks Square, beside the Basilica. Normally the ques to go up the tower are massive, but due to the weather I was straight in. Whilst ascending the 98.6m to the top of the tower, I couldn’t help dwell on the fact that the tower had in the past collapsed, see photo below:

Timber….this alleged photo of the tower collapsing in 1902 turned out to be a fake…quodos to the photographers photoshop skills!

When I finally made it to the top of the tower my worries were dismissed, the view from the top was incredible, and so was the rain, which due to the wind was now doing the old ninety degrees through the window trick. As a result I ws fairly limited as tow where I could shoot from, but luckilly I think I got the best angle anyway. I’ll let you guys decide!

Whilst I acknowledge that this shot goes against most of the principles of compositions i.e. no focal point, sometimes I think you need to break the rules a little!

Whilst typing I’ve just this second had a text message from my isp telling me my broadband has been activated. So if the gods are smiling on me I’ll catch up with you next week!


~ by imagespike on June 19, 2008.

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