The Grandest of Canals

Hello world, ImageSpike is finally back up and running!

As I’m sure you all gathered, since making my last post I didn’t manage to get my broadband connection sorted, thus the lack of a post last week. Although I’m still without an internet connection at home, I did manage to get my PC updated with Photoshop at a friend’s house and so the photography workflow can now continue I’m pleased to say!

I’ve recently been on a trip to Venice, which is an absolutely stunning place. Whilst wondering around, much of the time in awe at the historical architecture, I noticed the incredibly high number of Americans and Japanese who had come to see the wonder of the city. This reminded me as to how lucky we European folk are at having such incredible destinations right on our doorstep and this has motivated me to get further afield with my camera.

I spent a long weekend in the city and on the first day the weather was terrible, hot sun, blue sky with not a cloud in sight…what I consider to be the worst conditions for photography! All was not lost, there are in total 16 churches in Venice, many of which are plastered by some of the most amazing frescoes you have ever seen, by artists like Giovanni Bellini, Tintoretto and R. Harris, obviously I have stacks of photos from inside the churches which I’m sure will make it into the blog!

After undertaking my naked rain dance through the streets of Venice on the first night (facilitated by the Chianti) much to my relief over the next few days my prayers were answered and the heavens opened.

One of the main attractions in the city is the Rialto bridge which spans the Grand Canal. Whilst I didn’t actually take a photo of the bridge itself, I did get this shot looking from it, and which I believe is far more dramatic!

The Grand Canal

For those of you interested in the rain dance, I wasn’t kidding, a handy video showing the main steps can be viewed here.

Until next week!


~ by imagespike on June 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “The Grandest of Canals”

  1. Hi Matt, Phil (ASDA) here. I see you’ve moved to Bristol, hope it’s going ok. I did try your old email but didn’t work. Obviously I don’t have a proper email address for you now, so had to see if I could get you thru’ here. You really do have a talent! Glad that trolley collecting wasn’t the epitomy of your career! Drop me a line sometime.

  2. Hi Phil, check your email I’ve sent a response. Also took the liberty of removing your email address from the above comment, otherwise you might get spammed!

  3. Great show Matt. I especially love the clouds. It really has a dramatic feel to it. When you combind the colors of the buildings with the storm clouds, it makes for a great image.

  4. Nice pics Matt, give us a bell/mail when you get this

  5. Glad you like the shot Nate! Kind regards, Matt

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