The Severn Marsh

Hi Guys,

Just in case any of you were wondering, I am still alive!

I’ve been really busy trying to move all my gear back into my flat since it was flooded last July. I’ve virtually moved back in now and everything is almost back to normal, aside from the fact I can’t get my PC to work.

My PC and beloved copy of Photoshop are pivotal to my photography and as a result of the floods have been kept in storage, up until last week when i was finally reunited with the hulking lump of grey plastic! After powering up the behemoth I was promptly requested to enter my windows login password.

Password I asked my self, password what the hell is my password. A cold bead of sweat ran down the side of my head. After a twelve month stay of absence I had totally forgotten my login details and ended up having to reformat my PC and undertake a fresh install of windows, thus losing all data stored on my PC. Much to my amusement.

Fortunately I have all my photos and software backed up on external disk drives so I wasn’t overly concerned, however my frustrations were soon to be compounded again! After getting windows XP up and running I’ve now discovered that my telephone sockets are still screwed from the floods, which means no internet. No internet means I can’t update XP to service pack 2, which means I can’t install Photoshop CS3.


I think you get the picture as to how I felt at this point!

As a result of all this mess I’ve been unable to process any of my photos and thus ImageSpike has had to ground to a halt. All is not lost though, the saviours that are the men in grey at British Telecom are sending an engineer to fix the problem with my phone line tomorrow! Just as well too as I’m becoming swamped with photos that need processing!

Also, I’ve had a number of people contacting me asking for tips etc on my photography and post processing techniques, I haven’t forgotten you, as soon as my internet is fully functioning I will send out email responses. (Incidentally, for those of you wondering, I’ve come into the office early today to write this post!)

For reasons that should now be obvious, I can’t post any new work for the time being, and so instead I thought I’d use this opportunity to post one of my older shots from out of the archive. The shot below is taken at a favourite spot of mine in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire and happens to be one of my personal favourites!

The Severn Mrsh

I have a few portrait shots that I intend to sprinkle across the blog in the forthcoming week which I intend to treat to a refined Dave Hill post processing technique so stay tuned!

Until next week….I hope!


~ by imagespike on May 14, 2008.

One Response to “The Severn Marsh”

  1. Love the Marsh shot awesome has Nat Geo written allover it.

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