Lovely Grunge!

Hi guys,


Unfortunately I haven’t been able to update the blog as regularly as I would like, first their were delays due to  the fact that I had just stared a new job at Alder King, now the delays are because I’m in  the process of moving back into my once flooded flat in Tewkesbury! At least all these delays are for good reasons, and so hopefully once I get settled the posting regime should return to normal!


The commercial aspect of ImageSpike is moving nicely, I’ve recently been in discussions with a local photography gallery who were really impressed with my work, so fingers crossed I may get a little bit of professional exposure which would be great, If anything comes to fruition on this front then don’t worry, you’ll be the first to know!


On the commercial front, below is another shot taken from a brief shoot I undertook whilst recently down in the ‘Big Smoke’. The shoot took place in a small chapel, which made lighting the shot a real challenge. In fact, by the end of things I abandoned the off camera flash and simply made use of the ambient light which was available, with the subject in the shot below being lit by window’s high above the wall to the rear. The Active D-Lighting on the D300 also came in pretty handy too!


I think I rambled on last week about a number of pro photographers who were pretty slick with the use of ambient light. One of these guys, Joey Lawrence, has also been subject to a large amount of praise with regards to quite a grungy look to his photos. This look has becoem really popular at the moment, and basically messes with photos to give them a real gritty edge, which I think looks kind of cool!


I decided to try this effect on thhe shot below, so just to make it quite clear, we weren’t shooting in a condemned building, the crack in the shot below is my little slant on the grunge look!


The Grunge Look


As I said, fingers crossed my life should be slowly returning to normal which is good as I have a stack of great  photos in the pipeline which I can’t wait to share with you all!


Until next week….hopefully!


~ by imagespike on April 28, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lovely Grunge!”

  1. This is a great photo.

  2. Album cover, written all over it. I like this shot. I think it off camera lighting is going to burn itself out. It is a tool nothing less. The deal with ambient light is using it effectively in your favour. Even bouncing light into your subject with a clipboard and a sheet of white paper it still is professional way to light.

    I do visual effects design for myself, A pro from hollywood gave me a bit of advice that transfers to photography. The client only cares on he or she sees not the production, mention the production and they will go braindead. The shot above reverse engineering it will spoil the moment. Nice high exposure and use of texture.

    Look at the crack it is almost a pastiche of the michangelo painting on the sistine chapel. The one where the fingertips meet and a spark jumps.

    Love this

  3. Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to comment on my work, I’m really pleased you like it!

    Kind regards,


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