Gothica Girl

Hi guys,

For those observant readers out there, I’m sure you will have noticed that I didn’t make a post last week. The reason for this omission is the fact that I start a new job in a fortnight so I’ve been really busy tying up loose ends before I leave my current job. Very hectic!

Anyway, my new job will have me working down in Bristol, so at the weekend I decided to make a visit to the city and have a bit of a recce. As a town planner I’m always interested in architecture and the design of urban space. After wandering around the city I was really pleased with what I saw, with the parts of Bristol that I visited being quite impressive.

Being in the city I thought I would indulge myself in a bit of architectural photography. I did try and get a few shots inside Bristol Cathedral, but rapidly decided against it. With the Sunday afternoon service being in full swing my stealthy camera maneuvers weren’t going to be popular so I made for a sharp exit!

Instead I ended up at an attractive church in the centre of town called St Mary’s
Redcliffe. On a personal note I found the church to be more attractive architecturally than the Cathedral which I felt had a more somber look.

The photo below is a candid shot of the young girl. I decided to use selective coloring of the girl to bring attention to her in the shot as she’s a great little indicator of the scale of the building. Also, if you look closely you will see that she has a bible in her hand which I thought was rather sweet…aah!


Anyway, I’m back on top of things on the work front now so my posting routine will be back to normal now!

Until Wednesday!


~ by imagespike on April 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Gothica Girl”

  1. Hi Richie here welcome to Brissol as they call it. Love the gothica girl shot. I have put a more permanent link on my page for you. Well you are a fantastic site after all.

    Many regards


    Dont be a stranger!

  2. Hey thanks for the kind comments Richie, I’m glad you like the above shot. When I get established in ‘Brissol’ I’ll drop you an email, and we could orgainise a Strobist meet!



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