The Tower

Hi folks,

Well another week has gone by, I hope you have all been using your time wisely and getting out and about with your cameras, I know I have!

A few people have told me that they didn’t think that I’d persevere with my weekly blog, and that like most other things that I’ve started, it would end up underneath my bed collecting dust, along with the guitar, skateboard and other detritus! Anyway, I’m pleased to say that I’ve proven these people wrong and imagespike is going strong. It surprised me to discover that the blog has received in excess of 6,000 hits since its inception, pretty insignificant in comparison to other sites but not bad all the same!

Some people might consider it to be quite a chore keeping a blog but to be honest It doesn’t bother me in the slightest as it provides me with an excuse to get out and about happy snapping.

One of the reasons I love going out taking photos is that it gives me the opportunity to relax, my only worries concern the the effect photons of light will have on my cameras image sensor or whether my tripod is wobbly. That was until my latest shoot for imagespike.

For those of you familiar with Lancashire, in particular the Nelson and Colne area, then I’m sure you will all be familiar with Blacko Tower, or to call it by its correct name Stansfield Tower.

The tower is a familiar local landmark so I thought it worthy to get a good shot of the tower and the treat it to an imagespike work over. Whilst walking up to the tower I noticed a sign stating “no public access to the tower”, what I didn’t notice anywhere was a sign stating “tower guarded by armed idiot”.

After spending about half an hour taking shots of the tower, my concentration was broken by farmer Palmer at the nearby Tower Farm shouting at me. Due to the wind his words were largely inaudible but I did catch a bit of “….get off my tower”. What was unmistakable was the blast of a shotgun, and the sound of shot zipping over my head, not the most pleasant of experiences. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the farmer as I didn’t have a long enough lens with me but I do intend to return and I promise to get a shot of the idiot shooting me!

On the plus side I did manage to get this shot below!

Blacko Tower

Anyway, not being one to solicit or encourage hate mail, I thought it would be pertinent to provide address details of Rambo’s farm, just in case you should <erm> want to seek permission to visit the tower <cough cough>

Tower Farm
Gisburn Road

Until next time!


~ by imagespike on March 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “The Tower”

  1. Great shot…even better with the story.

  2. Glad you liked it! Cheers, Matt

  3. […] started noticing towers all over the place. Maybe it’s because of my post a few weeks ago of blacko tower that has sparked my observation skills but their is no doubting the fact that I feel as though I […]

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