Super Fly

Hey, hey, hey!

I’ve had yet another very hectic week so once again sorry for the late post!

As of late I’ve been focusing my photography and post processing trying to emulate the works of Andzrej Dragan. Much of these shots, and others which as of yet I have not posted on the blog haven’t really required much of a lighting setup, instead relying simply on ambient light along with one off camera strobe.

This is all well and good but after spending months trying to put together my own flash kit I though I’d better pull my finger out and start practising with it all. To this extent a strong piece of advice is to make sure that you can at least remember how to assemble all your lighting kit. On this point I had a real nightmare when taking the shot below, It took me absolutely ages to get everything set up and ready to go and only after about 40 minutes did I actually start shooting, with a great deal of that time spemt searching for a flash screw in the shag pile!

I mentioned briefly last week that I was pretty angry at myself for over exposing part of last weeks picture. On reflection I put this error down to the fact that I was focused too much on getting the shot right for post processing along with distracting myself as a result of interaction with the subject.

Anyway, after reprimanding myself I vowed not to make the same mistakes with this weeks shot. Famous last words. This time I nailed the lighting and exposure which was the result of two off camera strobes directed to each side of the subject along with a third strobe fired through a softbox aiming down at the subject.

So the exposure was spot on, but the composition…curse composition oh harshest of mistresses.! In the original shot the chair is almost identical in colour as the wallpaper, it looked as though the subject was floating in mid air…totally crazy but not the intended look. In addition the golden sash on the curtains is way distracting but there you go, at least the exposure is spot on…and before anybody says anything, I know the subject looks slightly pale but that’s his natural complexion, not a result of my exposure….all right!

Super Fly

Best viewed big on black HERE

With this shot I was again going for the Dave Hill effect, and those of you familiar with his look will appreciate some of the props in this shot. I’m really pleased with the results as it certainly has the “pop” factor but I’m afraid to say that this look was not achieved quickly in Photoshop, we’re almost talking days of editing here!

Anyway, until next week, happy snapping!


~ by imagespike on February 28, 2008.

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