The Witches

Hey people!

After last weeks post I felt a little concerned in case I had managed to scare a lot of you guys off, I’ll be the first to admit that all the business regarding hyperrealism does have the potential to get a little deep, I mean this is meant to be a photo blog after all!

So, as promised, this weeks post is going to be a more traditional landscape shot. If you’ve been keeping pace with my posts then you will know that I spent Christmas back home with the folks in Burnley, Lancashire.

For those unfortunate folk who haven’t heard heard of Burnley, it’s basically this forward thinking town in the Northwest of England famous for it’s industrial heritage of cotton mills, terraced houses and cobbled streets. In order to correct a few false perceptions of towns like Burnley, for the record children no longer where wooden clogs and forced to work in the mills, they where Nike now instead!

Whatever people say about Burnley I love it as it’s where I’m from, and going back at Christmas I realised what a great place for photography the area is. Sat amidst the Penines, landscape photography opportunities are never far away, with one of the most prominent features of the immediate landscape being Pendle Hill, which can be seen from most vantage points.

Aside from being a great piece of background detail for the avid landscape photographer, Pendle Hill and it’s surrounding moorland and villages also has a more sinister and darker past in the guise of the now infamous Pendle witches.

Pendle Witches

(Pendle witches feeding ginger bread men to the devil…spoooky)

Now these weren’t the type of the witches who bombed about on broomsticks, no these were the real deal, destroying crops, killing farm animals, placing curses and even murdering…or so the legend goes. Either way they weren’t the most popular set of crones and most of them took a drop with a noose around their necks!

And on that happy note here is a photo of where they used to hang out – pardon the pun!

Pendle Hill

This is a shot looking across to Pendle Hill. As can be seen from the photo, the weather that day, like the rest of my stay was pretty lousy so this was the only good shot I managed to get. I am planning to get back home again pretty soon so if the weather stays fine I’ll grab a few more shots!

Incidentally, for those people who stumbled across this site trying to buy wooden shoes, good quality clogs can be bought here (I’m yet to buy a pair as I’m waiting for the brogue style clog for office use).

Until Wednesday!


~ by imagespike on January 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Witches”

  1. Last week’s post wasn’t scary, have you ever seen the stuff at Some really excellent work there, but some of it is really messed up! Nice blog and photos:)

  2. Hey bookbabie, my reference to scary in the above post was concerning the subject matter, not the photo. Hyperrealism can be a bit of a mind bend for just a photoblog!

    I’m glad you like my blog, thanks for stopping by!

    All the best, Matt.

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