Lonely Bah

Hello people,

Firstly I’d like to wish everybody a Happy New Year, I hope you all had a great time this festive season!

I personally feel a little deflated once all the eating and drinking and general merriment associated with this time of the year has come to an end, but a least my liver can now have a well earned break, especially as my New Year resolution was to give up the booze for as long as possible. I’m pretty weak willed but I’m hoping to go for at least three months without a drop, just long enough to stave off the old gout and other nasties!

My other New Year resolution was to crack on with the photography, especially flash photography (kind of an easy one really, being obsessed with all things camera!) and on that note I’m pleased to say that virtually all of my flash kit has now arrived, the only bit I’m now missing is a means to trigger the three strobes which hopefully shouldn’t be too difficult to sort out.

Anyway, getting back on track, the photo below is another shot of a barn in the local area. A great way of experimenting and getting different effects is to shoot later in the day. The sun had set about half an hour earlier, but by using a tripod and exposures in excess of 30 seconds I managed to pull out a stack of detail in the shadows.

Combining these long exposures into a high dynamic range photo I think worked really well, with the late time of day being captured by the dark purples of the sky, which contrasts nicely with the green of the field. The lonesheep was a stroke of luck!

Lonely Sheep

Incidentally, for those of you concerned about Gout, swot up on it here.

See you all in a week!


~ by imagespike on January 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Lonely Bah”

  1. excellent HDR

  2. Hi Johno,

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

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