Ho Ho Ho!

Hey people,

Happy Christmas everyone! Before we crack on, how many pairs of Christmas socks did you receive this year? My Christmas sock collection totaled nine pairs, I think that has to be a record! (thanks mum!)

I’m currently in my home town of Burnley, Lancashire, where I have been recalled by my parents for the festive season. Returning home is always great, it’s nice being able to see the folks and catchup with my mates, but what I also really like is the complete change of scenery this part of the country brings with it.

Don’t get me wrong, Cheltenham and the Cotswolds are great photography locations with their quaint little villages straight out of a Thomas Hardy novel, but nothing beats getting back into the Pennines. With it’s industrial heritage this part of the world just seems rough and ready, a point echoed in the surrounding landscape, which despite being beautiful, can sometimes appear as a desolate and harsh place, especially on the surrounding moors.

I’m staying up here until the New Year so intend to try and capture as much of this fantastic landscape as I can, weather depending, as this part of the world seems to be by far the wettest….could make for some very dramatic skies though 😉 .

Anyway, back to this weeks photo! The shot below was taken a couple of weeks ago. After deciding to get into the office early one morning, whilst driving to work I witnessed an absolutely incredible sunrise, the sky was burning pink. Kicking myself for leaving my camera in the office I decided to get up early the next morning in the hope that the spectacular sunrise would be repeated.

I was lucky!

Sunrise Tree

Incidentally, for those of you who have a particular interest in socks, a number of particularly fine specimens can be viewed here.

Enjoy the remainder of Christmas and have a great New Year!


~ by imagespike on December 26, 2007.

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