New Update Rule

Hi guys,

For those of you wondering why the blog wasn’t updated on Monday, well all will be explained. As I’m sure most of you will appreciate, the essential ingredient to make a good photo is light, and unfortunately at this time of year there isn’t much about! Its now got to the point that I can’t even get out in the morning for sunrise shots as it would make me late for my beloved day job. As a result of this the only opportunity I have for collecting material is at the weekend, and this just does not give me sufficient time to collect and process images for two posts a week.

This means that I will only be posting once a week during the winter months. In order to maintain equilibrium and balance within the universe ImageSpike will be updated slap bang in the middle of the week on a Wednesday.

So, with that said, lets crack on! The image below was taken whilst on a holiday in Gower, South Wales. Gower is a great location if you’re into surfing. The coast picks up some nice off shore winds, coupled with a pretty large fetch makes for some ‘phat’ waves. Although I’ve surfed a few times at Gower, I have to be totally honest and admit that I don’t have the ninja balance required to keep out of the water, think Daddy Long Legs on roller skates. So when frequenting these pleasant sands I now spend most of my time looking for photo opportunities, and doing the really cool things like taking photos of shells, woah!

At the time I had a real thing for lighthouses, so I was pleased to discover that further along the coast there was an offshore lighthouse which could be accessed at low tide by a sand bank. So off I trudged along what felt like 40 miles of the most mundane beach ever, only to get to the lighthouse at high tide, making it inaccessible, and with the absence of a long lens, unshootable.

Instead I looked to the ground and found all this crazy shell action going on, coupled with the brooding storm (which eventually soaked me) I did manage to get a few good shots from that day.

Compared with my normal post processing, the editing on this image was pretty minimal. I always shoot in RAW format, so aside from my normal RAW workflow, the only Photoshopping was to work the curves and to give the shot a slight saturation lift.

Shell Beach

Until Wednesday!


~ by imagespike on December 19, 2007.

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