Mill Pond

Hello people!

I can’t quite believe how quickly time is passing by at the moment, I went out with the camera the other day looking to get a few classic autumnal shots of the leaves turning colour but to my surprise the only leaves still on the trees were all withered and dead, with the remainder now being compost on the ground below.

It would seem that this year Autumn has shifted up a gear and totally passed me by, with winter now upon us, and oh how I notice winter! The shot below is a favourite spot of mine and you will see the buildings in the background featuring quite a few times in some of my past shots.

For those of you who are interested, the building forms part of the now disused Abbey Mill in Tewkesbury. The mill is situated on the banks of the River Severn, with the patch of water in the foreground of the shot being the original mill pond which would have provided a source of energy to power the still existing water wheel (clever stuff). I’m not quite sure what the beach hut type building is used for only that it makes a funky addition to the photo!

To get this shot I had to clamber out out onto a small launch for the moored boats, which was a real nightmare due to the fact that the launch was completely iced over and I was still wearing my work clobber, the Italians do make smart shoes for the office, but for ice walking, useless.

I don’t think I ever been so cold whilst out with my camera, my hands were freezing to the point that I was struggling setting up the camera. My mum used to always tell me to wear a vest and wrap up warm. I wish I had listened!

Abbey Mill Pond

Also, my flash kit has finally arrived so I intend to have a play over the weekend, so expect some pretty funky people shots starting to filter through onto the blog over the coming weeks!


~ by imagespike on November 22, 2007.

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