Don’t Look Down!

Hello people,

After the fresh, windswept shot that comprised my last post, I thought that in order to keep the blog varied this weeks shot should be a grimy cityscape, and what better location than my favourite place, good old Blackpool!

Now when discussing the pollution inherent in most of our cities and big towns, most people think about things like litter on the street, exhaust fumes from vehicles and in some cases even smog. My key gripe at the moment is the cleanliness of windows.

The shot below, like one of my earlier posts, is taken from the viewing gallery at the top of Blackpool tower. The top of the tower is separated into three floors, with the up most two being out in the open, and the lower floor being behind glass. Ideally I would have taken this shot from one of the upper floors but at that height the wind is just hectic, with it being impossible for me to keep the camera still for the multiple long exposures I took for this shot.

In light of this I had to shoot from behind the glass on the lower floor, which normally is not to much of a problem, if the windows are clean. As you can imagine, with windows over 500ft up, it’s not just a case of grabbing your ladder and shammy leather so these windows were pure filth!

Unfortunately this grime is still apparent in the shot below, despite my efforts at removing it. The original shot looked as though my camera sensor had been coated in glue and then dropped in a cat litter tray, I don’t think I’ve ever had to use Photoshops trusty old Clone Stamp so much! Although I managed to remove nearly all of the dirt, the real problem is with the depth of field, which appears fairly shallow. I did in fact use a fairly narrow aperture of around f22, that’s the power of dirt for you!

View from the Top

As a little treat I thought I would add a second shot. The photo below was taken on my camera phone. At the top of the tower there is a small glass floor, the above shot is of my legs looking down through the glass. The lights dropping away from the shot are those on Blackpool tower itself!

Looking down!

Until Thursday!


~ by imagespike on November 19, 2007.

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