Speed of Clouds

Hello people!

After the horror which was Thursdays post I thought that I would bring back a little normality to the blog with a good old spiked landscape!

The shot below is taken of Tewkesbury Abbey at dawn. I had deliberately got up early that morning with the intention of taking this shot but had made no real plans as to where I should park my car, take my photo from etc, and as is usual with me and dawn shoots, everything just seems to be in a rush, trying to get to where I need to be before the sunrise!

The hectic rush was worth it that morning, the sky was gorgeous and wisps of mist were still clinging to the trees and abbey. Like a lot of my shots, this photo was a combination of multiple exposures in order to bring out the full dynamic range of the scene plus a few little extras in photoshop after!

Incidentally, if anybody is wondering about the title to this post, it’s because I had to wait an eternity for the clouds in the shot to drift into frame. Trust me, without the clouds the shot wouldn’t look half as good. Let me tell you, clouds can move pretty slow sometimes!

Speed of Clouds

Not wanting to disappoint those individuals with a real interest in meteorology who have wandered upon my blog by accident, the actual speed of clouds can be read about here.

Until Monday!


~ by imagespike on November 1, 2007.

One Response to “Speed of Clouds”

  1. the Fog! I love the fog xD colo contrast are really nice as well.

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