Flood Memorial – Tewkesbury

Hello people,

It has always been my intention to try and keep the content of the blog generally upbeat, and since it’s relatively recent incarnation I feel I have done this successfully. However, sometimes things happen that have a pretty major impact on people’s everyday lives, if I can document such events with my camera then I will.

As I’m sure most UK readers will know, in July 2007 of this year the south west of England experienced some pretty hectic flooding. I should know, I had the pleasure of experiencing river water slowly rise up through my living room carpet. I thought I had things pretty bad, having to deal with insurance companies to get brand new EVERYTHING, but the picture below kind of puts things into perspective.

A father and son were trying to pump out the basement of the local rugby club which had flooded. Sadly they become overwhelmed from the diesel fumes emitted from the pump they were using, fell unconscious and subsequently drowned. Also a nineteen year old man, after returning from a night out fell into the swollen river and drowned.

As a gesture of remembrance these items were attached to a gate, just around the corner from where these people died.

Flood Memorial

A very sad reminder. The story of the flood fatalities can be read here. The magnitude of events really hits home, the link above is to an U.S. news site.

Focusing back on the blog, those of you with a keen eye will notice a new page entitled “Blog Update Rules”. This page basically highlights when the blog will be updated, which is every Monday and Thursday. Also, to make life easier for you guys, I have enabled an RSS feed. Simply click on the blue icon on the right of the page and follow the instructions.

Thanks for putting up with my poignant ramblings, tune in for Thursday’s post which i promise will bring a smile to your face!


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