Calle Marques de Larios

This is a shot looking down one of the main pedestrian thoroughfares in Malaga. If you’re really interested than you can see the exact place where I stood and took the photo over on the Zooomr site here, just click on the ‘Geo’ tab on the right of the page.

I must admit, I was quite surprised as to how beautiful Malaga was during the day let alone during the evening. It’s a shame really that the city doesn’t get more exposure, unlike other places like Barcelona and Madrid. Maybe I should inform the Spanish tourist board, which reminds me, if you’re ever visiting this part of Spain then beware. The information/map boards with the “you are here” don’t have a “you are here” although the map key says there should be one. Hours of fun, blundering around!


~ by imagespike on October 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Calle Marques de Larios”

  1. Beautiful shot. Is that an HDR image, or is the city that well lit?

  2. Hi Nate, firstly, thanks for taking the time to comment, and I’m glad you like the shot!

    This shot is indeed a HDR, resulting from about nine exposures to pick up the full tonal range. I then did quite a bit of work in Photoshop to further enhance the level of detail!

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