Now for a lot of readers especially those from far flung exotic lands, the title of this post and the image it refers to may cause a little confusion, after all, what does syrup have to do with a load of mannequin heads?

Well, the answer lies beyond the mannequins, or actually directly above! Cast your eyes if you will to the summit of those polished plastic beauties and to the wigs they are wearing. The phrase syrup is derived from Cockney rhyming slang, which is used by Londoners and Cockneys to metaphorically describe items, people, places etc. The full slang phrase would be Syrup of Fig – Wig.

It’s quite difficult to explain and in some cases understand Cockney rhyming slang so for the full low down I suggest you look here. In fact my best mate Karl Gibbons, who is in fact not a Cockney but a pie eating lad from Burnley, introduced me to this phrase. After hearing him gibber it a few times and not being able to understand what it meant, I myself had to have it explained to me!

Anyways, back to the image in hand! This shot was taken from the bottom of Calle Marques de Larios in Malaga. After walking around a corner I was confronted with this rack of slap heads. Admittedly quite a shock after basking in the beauty of Malaga by night!

Anyway I thought it was excellent spike material!



Incidentally, apologies for those individuals who stumbled upon my blog in the pursuit of Fig Syrup, this can be found here.



~ by imagespike on September 27, 2007.

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