The One Armed Woman

I know that I’ve already stated in the ‘About’ page that the blog will be updated weekly but as today is a special day in that it’s when the blog officially started I thought I would make a second post!

Below is another shot taken whilst on holiday in Spain. The shot was taken from inside Malaga’s cathedral, La Manquita. The shot is a view of the main tower. The cathedral should have had two towers but as a result of insufficient funding only one was ever completed. La Manquita, for those who are interested actually means “one armed woman”. Exciting stuff!

Compared to other spiked images this one is pretty tame, being compiled of several combined exposures to bring out detail in the light and dark areas, a process formally known by us nerds as high dynamic range photography or HDR for short. Aside from that further post processing was pretty limited.

On a side note, photography isn’t allowed inside the cathedral so you can imagine the fun I had trying to smuggle my camera and tripod inside, let’s just say fake limp…but that’s another story!

Untill next week!


~ by imagespike on September 25, 2007.

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