Apocalyptic Fishing

Hi people, Well, this is exciting; I’m very pleased to be writing my first post on image spike! Sure as hell beats writing design and access statements, don’t worry that’s just a planning thing!

Anyway, let’s get down to the exciting stuff – photos!

I’ve just returned from a holiday in southern Spain. I like to say southern Spain as it conjures up images of windswept peninsulas facing off to Morocco and the rest of Africa….however; it was a much more British affair in the Costa del Sol!

However, since my last visit some ten years ago the area has seen some massive improvement, with the British presence now being largely reduced to a few hardcore, albeit elderly expats. Also I was really pleased to see that the Spanish Civil Authorities have now enforced planning legislation which restricts the height of new buildings to five storeys. So fingers crossed the proliferation of 15 storey concrete monstrosities along the coast has now come to an end!

Anyway, I had a great and well earned holiday and managed to get plenty of spike material. The first of which is below. This shot was taken from the new Marina at Benalmadina. Unfortunately I arrived about ten minutes too late to capture the sunset in its full glory, but I still think this shot kind of conveys the mood.

Apocalyptic Fishing


~ by imagespike on September 24, 2007.

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